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Magical Jewelry and the Power of Heka, Ancient Egyptian Magic

Magical Jewelry and the Power of Heka, Ancient Egyptian Magic

Magical jewelry is nothing new. Since the dawn of dawn, jewelry has been created for decorative, magical and amuletic purposes. One culture that celebrated magic in its daily rituals, and its jewelry was the Egyptians.

What is Magic?

Good question. I see magic as light– pure, white light. To me, magic is fairy dust, stardust, angels, mysticism, beauty, the cosmos, majestic mountains, good luck charms, golden amulets, healing energy, and simply a belief that we have the power to create a beautiful and sacred life for ourselves, and others. Magic is a force of pure white light.

All religions explore mysticism and magic. Sometimes anthropologists and scholars even have a hard time distinguishing between religion and magic in ancient cultures. A God, or gods were often summoned to avert evil, heal, or help a person achieve their desires and wishes. Magical and Mystical thinking was acknowledged by most ancient cultures as an existent force.

I have been studying Egypt lately. Thus, Egyptology has been on my mind— especially Heka, the Egyptian word for magic. According to some Egyptian sources, Heka was the deification of magic in ancient Egypt, and the cornerstone of much of society.

Many Heka rituals included making curative amulets, talisman, and amulets. These were used as vehicles for a sacred energy or a force which was directed to some particular purpose like: healing, protection, or good fortune. Wearing these amulets, talisman and charms was an essential part of Heka. It was best to have at least one on your body. They were worn by the living, and given to the dead to empower, and ward off evil.

I don’t think the Egyptians believed that Heka was fairy or stardust. However, we both share the belief that by wearing a sacred charm or amulet, magic will enter our lives.

This is the way abridged version as Egyptology is vast, complex, and rife with layers of symbolism, stories and more…Read some more basic information here

Soon, I will write about the iconographical significance of scarabs, and Thorth: the god of wisdom and divine scripture.

IMAGE: A COLLECTION OF EGYPTIAN AMULETS MIDDLE KINGDOM TO PTOLEMAIC PERIOD, BCE. A necklace in a modern Egyptian revival gold, enamel and gem stone setting. Christies Auction.

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