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Katrina Kelly Jewelry celebrates fun, love, wisdom and magic

Katrina Kelly Jewelry celebrates fun, love, wisdom and magic

Katrina initially enrolled in design school to be fashion designer, yet found her interests gravitated towards a world of gemstones and precious metals. She was captivated by jewelry’s intrinsic, mystical, and symbolic attributes. After earning a Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Katrina trained with esteemed jewelry masters in Florence, Italy. She then received hands-on experience at a fine Turkish jewelry company and worked as a bench jeweler under the tutelage of several accomplished designers.

Her style fuses cultures and combines fine intricate mastery. It has an ancient, heirloom and cultural feel, enlivened with a flare of modern whimsy. She takes cues and inspiration from her travels, her curiosity about other cultures, and her belief in seeking and sharing wisdom. And of course, her love for all things that sparkle and shine.


All jewelry must tell a story. Katrina Kelly’s jewelry tells the story of a journey…a journey of fun, love, wisdom, and knowledge. While traveling the world, she traced the source of the magical, mystical, and awe-inspiring all over. While living and studying Jewelry Design in Florence, Italy she discovered one of her stories. As the only American at the school in Florence, she discovered the magic of a universal language: no matter where you are from, most of us share a love of jewelry, wine, friends, and gelato.

While pursuing a Masters in Art History; the mystical found Katrina in the lavish gold Icons of her Iconography classes. The transcendental wisdom and mystical characteristics of the Icons mesmerized Katrina—thus, a spark of inspiration paved the way towards creative discovery.

“Along my path, so many people shared their wise words and sayings with me; wisdom I remember and for which I am eternally grateful for. I created my Wisdom Wands® as symbolic reflections of my journey; places I have been and places I would like to go. I believe that we are all angels here on earth, meant to pass on a little magic, love, and wisdom to each other. May these Wisdom Wands® help channel all of our own magic and wisdom and guide you on your own life’s journey—to whatever it is you are seeking.” KK

Katrina Kelly celebrates fun, love, wisdom, and magic. Go Sparkle and Shop!

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