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Katrina Kelly Jewelry celebrates fun, love, wisdom and magic

Katrina Kelly Jewelry Celebrates Fun, Love, Wisdom and Magic

Katrina is captivated by jewelry’s intrinsic, mystical, and symbolic attributes. After earning a Fine Arts degree in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design, Katrina trained with esteemed jewelry masters in Florence, Italy. She then received hands-on experience at a fine Turkish jewelry company and worked as a bench jeweler under the tutelage of several accomplished designers.

Her style fuses cultures and combines fine intricate mastery. It has an ancient, heirloom and cultural feel, enlivened with a flare of modern whimsy. She takes cues and inspiration from her travels, her curiosity about other cultures, and her belief in seeking and sharing wisdom. And of course, her love for all things that sparkle and shine.


All jewelry must tell a story. Katrina Kelly’s jewelry tells the story of a journey…a journey of fun, love, wisdom, and magic. Katrina has been tracing sources of the magical, mystical, and awe-inspiring since she can remember.

“I have had quite of few rebirths in my life thus far. One paramount experience was in 1999 when I attended Le Arti Orafe in Florence, Italy. It was an intensive European Jewelry Design program that I got into after graduating with a BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. I was essentially the only American in my school– all classes were in Italian. My fellow students came from so many diverse cultures; Japanese, Lebanese, Greek, Israeli, Norwegian, South American, Australian and Italian… to name a few. Many Art History classes, some world trekking and this experience set the tone for my perpetual curiosity, appreciation, and awe of universal wisdoms, cultures and faiths. Perhaps one of the most apparent lessons that I learned in 1999 was that whatever we believe– we all just want love and wisdom. And jewelry…well, maybe gelato and wine as well.

These cultural curiosities of mine are still thriving deep within my soul. Diversity, spiritually, wisdom, the mystical, and universal love run rampant throughout my work, both aesthetically and symbolically. I‘m always seeking wisdom and love. My work is not partial to any dogma, religion, thought, or style. It embraces universal purities; seeks beauty, ideas, wisdom, greatness and goodness from all over: the cosmos, diverse faiths, traditions, cultures, lore, and myths.

After many rebirths, I have only touched the surface of my knowledge of life, the universe, people…Hopefully, I will create an open and connective universal vibe; re-affirming that we are all just humans who are curious, open and full of love. I am in awe of women’s universal connection to jewelry.

**From my 2011 blog: This still holds true, “Perhaps my true identity is that of a scholar, a Sunday driver amateur of sorts, yearning to unlock the universe through the polar opposite domains of science and theology, and my calling is to unveil my findings into golden trinkets. Or perhaps, I am just a jewelry designer that can’t lavish myself in enough golden jewels. Only time will tell the tale”.  Katrina Kelly, Jewelry Designer celebrating fun, love, wisdom and magic.

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