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Fall in Love Forever ® with Katrina Kelly’s Layers of Love ® Stack Rings

Fall in Love Forever ® with Katrina Kelly’s Layers of Love ® Stack Rings. The seven love rings are wearable symbols and eternal allegories that embrace love’s supreme influence. Celebrating love in all its forms, the Layers of Love® Collection expresses the gift of friendship, the bonds of family, the importance of self-love, and the incomparable delight of romance. The septet of jeweled bands that may be worn individually or layered atop one another. Each ring is a timeless expression that symbolizes a sacred and special aspect of loves romantic and heartfelt sentiments.


Jillian Wright, Katrina Kelly Jewelry

Falling in Love Forever® with Katrina Kelly’s Layers of Love® Wedding Rings

 The LUCK stack ring is a reminder that luck often plays a role in finding that special someone.

The LIGHT stack ring love creates a feeling of enlightenment and delight

The LAUGHTER ring reminds us that every relationship requires humor to endure.

The LOVER ring shows that passion ignites romantic love, transforming friends to lovers.

The LOYALTY ring is important to illustrate that loyalty is the foundation which trust is built

The LOVE ring is reminds one that pure true love is an emotion that can’t be scientifically explained– yet you know it.

The LIFE ring embraces all the layers.  True love endures for a lifetime, touches your life in countless ways and gives your life a renewed and sacred significance.

I designed these rings with the idea that the wearer may have an alternative and interactive way to mix, match and change their weddings rings whenever they choose depending on the mood or the occasion. Also, I designed this as a bridal collection.

Two unexpected things happened.

  • I received many orders from “non-brides” Especially, the LIGHT and LAUGHTER rings– being gifts to themselves and as gifts for friends and loved ones.
  • The LIFE ring became the most popular ring for the bride. I received many requests for the “LIFE” ring design to be the brides main wedding ring. Often, I design a custom variation of this ring to fit a specific size diamond—with the other 6 stack rings mixed, matched and interchanged.

Now, when I design a custom bridal ring, I also design a special book for the couple as their wedding gift. Check out the flip book I designed especially for the amazing couple Kathryn & Daniel who were married last year!

Contact me for custom bridal ring requests here

Also, click here to see the mini Layers of Love® charms that may be worn in addition to the rings.

Fall in Love Forever

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