One-of-a-Kind Wands

One-of-a-Kind Fine Jewelry Wands

The one-of-a-kind gemstone wand charms feature Katrina Kelly's intricate and iridescent spiral wand design that reflects light from all angles. Each wand charm will have a one-of-a-kind special gemstone combination using stunning gems that the designer Katrina Kelly has responsibly sourced.

Your special custom gemstone combination will be integrated into Katrina’s iconic wand design that measures 2” in length (see image to the right). The finished wand charm may measure 2 ¼” to 6" in length. The wand may be crafted in 18k yellow, or white gold. The chain will be selected based on what enhances the completed design best. The price will depend on how petite, large, fancy, and fantastic the gems are. 

Mixing, matching, stacking, and layering many wands looks amazing!

Katrina Kelly Fine Jewelry One-of-a-Kind Custom Wand Charms