STARBURST Wish Wand Charm

STARBURST Wish Wand Charm

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STARBURST Wish Wand Charm

May All Of Your Wisdom Wishes® Come True with this STARBURST Wish Wand Charm!

The STARBURST Wish Wand Charm is crafted in 18k Yellow gold and has shimmering granulation textures. It is bursting with star powered light and radiating diamonds. The reverse side of the charm has the word WISH inscribed in the center—a reminder to always make a wish and strive to make them come true. The starburst pendant is high polished and measures 1” in length.

The Wand Charm will help all of your Wisdom Wishes® Come True! This charm was inspired by the designer Katrina Kelly’s love of the sea, and the cosmos—two great mysteries that inspire wonder, magic, dreams, enlightenment, and exploration. “Always remember that there is  light— and a BIG bright star amongst the darkness.” –Katrina Kelly

The STARBURST Wish Wand Charm comes on a 16" cable chain—wear solo; or mix, match, and layer with other necklaces for an extra flare.

Share & Wear Wisdom® These elongated style pendants are called Wisdom Wands® Wear them to help guide you on your path to wisdom— and let them help you awaken your inner magic! All Wands come with a surprise wisdom quote and a blank card so that you may write your own words of wisdom as a reminder to yourself or give as gift. Wear your Wisdom and share your wise words with those dearest to you.

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