Katrina Kelly Interchangeable Jewelry Charm Utility Patent

Watch the video to see it demonstrated! https://youtu.be/gh9SRf5SaO8

I worked on this jewelry utility patent invention for many many years–refining and perfecting it…and waiting on the utility patent process to complete. Last year, I was finally awarded my utility patent–this year, I finally made a video to demonstrate it. Check out the video to learn all about it! For licensing information contact info@katrinakelly.com

The utility patented interchangeable jewelry invention by Katrina Kelly Katrina Kelly is clever and innovative because it allows the wearer to have multiple jewelry design options within one necklace. This invention eliminates all those layered chains holding just 1 or 2 charms that always get tangled. The jewelry invention allows women to mix and match countless charms by stacking and layering charms under, and over one another to create limitless cascading designs that may be interchanged when the mood arises. Stacks & Layers® Vertical Charm Stacking System