Katrina Kelly Fine Jewelry 

Katrina Kelly Fine Jewelry


Katrina Kelly combines old-world wisdom and whimsical fun. Go show off your magic.

 Show the world YOU are in control of your destiny!

All jewelry tells a story– and Katrina Kelly’s designs tell the story of a journey of fun, love, light, lore, wisdom, and magic. 

Katrina Kelly is known for her Fine Jewelry Wands– called Wisdom Wands®. These gold charms are designed to help light up your world and remind you to always welcome magic & wisdom into your life! Share & Wear Wisdom® all wands come with a quote of wisdom shared by the designer Katrina Kelly.

Captivated by fine jewelry’s intrinsic, mystical, and symbolic attributes, Katrina creates a classic jewelry style that fuses these ideas and combines fine intricate mastery. The jewelry has an ancient, heirloom and cultural feel, enlivened with a flare of modern whimsy.

Katrina Kelly studied jewelry design at Le Arti Orafe in Florence, Italy– and worked at Urart, a Turkish jewellery company that reinterprets the region’s rich past with a modern perspective inspired by styles from the Ottoman, Byzantine, Seljuk, ancient Sumerian, and Phrygian cultures.

She studied Iconography for her Masters in Art History, won Archeological travel and Art History fellowships for her research, and is an Adjunct Professor of Art History and Humanities. She takes cues and inspiration from all these experiences and translates her findings into enchanting golden treasures inspired by ancient wisdom and the magic of wand iconography– and her belief in always seeking and sharing wisdom.

And, of course, her love for all things that sparkle and shine.
Her jewelry collection uses responsibly sourced precious gemstones. The gemstones Katrina chooses represent the beauty of the earth that have been tested by time, pressure, and fire. The gold they are bound in symbolizes the light of the heavens and the cosmos.

“Wisdom is knowing how magical you are– and being brave enough to let it light up the world.” Katrina Kelly Jewelry
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