Gold Light Wand Necklace with Diamonds
Gold Light Wand Necklace with Diamonds
Gold Light Wand Necklace with Diamonds
Gold Light Wand Necklace with Diamonds

Gold Light Wand Necklace with Diamonds

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 Light Wand Gold Necklace with Diamonds | From the Wand Collection

This 18k gold high polished necklace glitters with gracefully placed delicate diamonds, offering the perfect amount of sparkle. The gold wand charm measures 1 ½ "
The Light Wand with Diamonds comes on a 16" cable chain—it is perfect magical charm necklace to mix and match, and layer with other necklaces.
Share & Wear Wisdom®
These elongated vertical bar style pendants are called Wisdom Wands® Wear them to help guide you on your path to wisdom— and let them help you awaken your inner magic! All Wands come with a surprise wisdom quote. Wear your Wisdom and share your wise words with those dearest to you.
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Note: In the image showing the model wearing an assortment of vertical styled pendants—the Classic Wand is the smallest in the group, measuring 1 ½” in length.


The Wisdom Wand Jewelry® collection celebrates fun, wisdom and magic. These necklace charms are beautifully embellished with glimmering textures and gemstones. Wearing the Magical Jewelry to allow you shine on the outside and inside! They will lift your spirits and remind you to seek out wisdom and magic and welcome it into your life. The vibrant colors of the gemstones will inspire you to make the most of each day by. Share your wisdom and love with others. Wear Magical Jewelry!
What is the meaning of diamonds?
Diamonds have been revered for thousands and thousands of years. These fiery and colorless gems are crystallized carbon initially found in India. Can you believe that they are over one billion years old? Diamonds foster great wisdom, courage, purity, truth, unity, spiritual wealth, love and fidelity. They also symbolize perfection because of their indestructibility. It has been told that diamonds have magical energies and superpowers; and they will connect you with the divine. The Greeks believed that the intense fire of the diamond was emblematic of eternal love. This fire is created by high a optical dispersion. Read more about diamonds here!
If you were born in April, then the diamond is your birthstone. Also, it is the gem associated for a couples 60th and 75th year anniversary.